4 Things You Must Do Before Launching Your Website


  • Details about how it can be daunting to launch a new website, but to successfully launch it to the world you have to prepare accordingly

#1 Develop a launch plan

  • Start with your launch date and work backwards
  • Be sure to partner with your website designer on this part to ensure that timelines match up
  • Plan out work dates to create sneak peeks and sessions where you will test everything on the back end, etc.

#2 Create a ‘Coming Soon’ page

  • This will create hype around your launch
  • You can preview new branding/elements on this page as well


  • Ensure every link, sign up, button, etc. is working and loading properly

#4 Build hype through promotion 

  • Use social media, freebies, opt-ins and more to help increase interest


  • Recap main points
  • Promote website services or course options 

February 7, 2021